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Bears Vs. Browns: RBs Armando Allen And Lorenzo Booker Make Final Audition On Thursday

The Chicago Bears waived incumbent third-string running back Kahlil Bell last week after he refused to take a pay cut for the 2012 season, and that move has opened up a competition between Armando Allen and Lorenzo Booker for the No. 3 running back spot. The preseason finale on Thursday night against the Cleveland Browns is the last chance for Allen and Booker to prove their worth, and special teams performances may be the decisive factor. Dave Toub recently told the team website that he will be watching very closely on Thursday, because both guys play the same position on his unit and they have been "very close" with production over the first three games:

"They are both very close," said special teams coordinator Dave Toub. "That is one of the battles that we are having. That is going to come to a head here during that game.

"They are both playing the same positions on special teams and they're back-to-back. One guy goes and the next guy comes in, and we're evaluating them that way on special teams."

Both players fit in the scat-back mold and will offer a change of pace in the backfield, but the primary contributions from the No. 3 running back will be made on special teams. There may not be much for casual fans to see on Thursday, but for the hardcore NFL faithful it will be interesting to watch these two men go all-out for an NFL job.

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