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Devin Hester Feels Good In New Offensive Role

The Chicago Bears' offense will enter the 2012-13 season with multiple offensive weapons, but for the first time in a long time one of those featured guns will not be wide receiver and kick returner Devin Hester. But that's OK with him, he told Chicago Sun Times writer Mark Totash.

‘‘Now I can go in and just play and not try to put a lot of pressure on myself to be the guy who takes over the game for us,’’ Hester said. ‘‘We have a lot of depth, and we have a lot of weapons. A majority of the time, safeties cheated to my side [before]. I was getting a lot of balls thrown my way, but I wasn’t getting a lot of mismatches and getting put on guys that aren’t supposed to be out there.’’

The reason for Hester's excitement comes from the new type of offense the Bears will be running under offensive coordinator Mike Tice.

‘‘It’s more of a spread offense. It gets guys in mismatches,’’ Hester said. ‘‘We’ll have four or five playmakers on the field, and it’s going to be like, ‘Who are you going to double-team?’

Despite not being as much of a featured weapon, Hester still feels he can effect a game.

‘‘I feel I’ll always be a playmaker in this offense,’’ he said. ‘‘If I get [fewer] catches, I’ll still end up with a lot of yards. The way this offense is designed, I could have four catches and easily get over 100 yards.’’

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