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Chicago Bears Expected To Blitz More Often

The Chicago Bears have long been known as a defensive team. You remember "Monsters of the Midway" and all that sort of thing. Coach Lovie Smith has one of the finest units on paper once again and he will probably bring some more blitzes, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Count Bears linebacker Lance Briggs as someone who's totally on-board with the idea of bringing some more pressure.

"We want more big plays," Briggs said. "Sacks are big plays and they are a big part of being one of the top players; it's what you expect from playmakers. Last year, we got close a lot but didn't get a chance to get any numbers down. So, I think that is important. Not only do that, but create more turnovers and create opportunities for our offense to get more points on the board."

The Bears have men who can make plays at every level of the defense, making it much easier for defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli to take some chances.

"We've got some guys that can blitz," Marinelli told the Tribune. "So we are excited about it."

With the NFC North being full of teams that rely almost solely on throwing the football (save the Vikings), Chicago could generate a lot of positives by putting the quarterbacks under duress.

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