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Brian Urlacher Injury: Doctors Say Surgery After Regenokine Doesn't Add Up

Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher had arthroscopic surgery on his left knee this month, even after he had a less invasive, non-surgical treatment called Regenokine for the knee in Germany, according to one report.

The two procedures didn't seem to make much sense to doctors in the know about this kind of thing, as's Kevin Seifert wrote Thursday. So, if in fact Urlacher did have the procedure in Germany plus the surgery, it could be that he suffered a different injury during Bears training camp. Or that he didn't follow the Regenokine protocol, or that the Regenokine that worked for Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant didn't work for Urlacher.

Bottom line -- Urlacher plays hurt but he plays, and it seems more and more like he is getting close to the end of his fabulous NFL career. He hurt the knee at the end of last season yet is still dealing with it, and Bears fans have to be concerned that Urlacher may not be ready to play when the regular season opens.

Or the ultra-tough linebacker decides to give it a go, which wouldn't be shocking, either.

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