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Brian Urlacher Injury: Surgeon For Derrick Rose Explains Procedure Possibly Used On Bears LB

Chicago Bears' star linebacker Brian Urlacher reportedly sought alternative treatment on his knee in Europe in late-May or early-June, so CSN-Chicago talked to the surgeon that repaired the ACL of Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose -- Cartilage Restoration Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Brian Cole -- to help explain the medical theories behind alternative procedures.

Cole broke down the platelet-rich "Regenokine therapy" pioneered by German doctor Peter Wehling, and ultimately noted that clinical trials have not been conclusively supportive of the therapy's efficacy. He also said that under the wrong circumstances it could actually create a negative healing environment. Here is the video interview with Dr. Cole, via CSN-Chicago:

It should be noted that no sources have confirmed that this is the actual procedure Urlacher underwent while in Europe, but if you have been wondering whether it will be the panacea for whatever ails the talented linebacker, Dr. Cole cast some doubt on that assumption.

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