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Brian Urlacher Injury: Linebacker Avoids Questions About Surgery Report

Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher refused to answer questions as to whether he received treatment in Europe on his left knee, according to ESPN Chicago.

A report this morning from the Chicago Tribune had stated that Urlacher had visited Europe this past spring to possibly seek alternative treatment on his knee, possibly from Dr. Peter Wehling, the same doctor who had treated Kobe Bryant and Alex Rodriguez.

When asked about the report, Urlarcher was succinct in his answer:

"Heard about that. (Are) there any quotes from me in there? Yeah, I didn't think there were any quotes from me, or anybody else."

Urlacher has only participated in six days of camp, yet states that he will be ready for the season opener in two weeks. There has been many reports about the treatment Urlacher has received for his knee, with neither the Chicago Bears nor the linebacker willing to address the speculation that has come up during training camp.

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