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Chicago Bears GM Phil Emery Talks About Inheriting Coach Lovie Smith

Coach Lovie Smith is one of the faces of the Chicago Bears, and according to new general manager Phil Emery, that's not gong to change. In a chat with the Chicago Sun-Times, Emery batted away the notion that he will be hiring his own head coach, instead praising the stability that Smith brings to the franchise:

As a first-time GM, having been through several coaching changes as a scout and as a coach, I know how disruptive that is. You can't ever be afraid to make a change, if you know it's going to be disruptive. However, I think I walked into a very good situation with Lovie Smith as our head coach. I mean, he's a dean in the NFL for a reason.

Smith has been the Bears' head coach since 2004, leading them to three playoff appearances and one Super Bowl appearance.

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