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Chicago Bears General Manager Phil Emery Defends Left Tackle J'Marcus Webb

Because of his inconsistent play, Chicago Bears offensive lineman J'Marcus Webb has been a source of frustration in the Windy City, especially given all of his physical tools.

The seventh-round pick of the 2010 NFL Draft was scouted by Jim Emery at West Texas A&M. Now as general manager for the Bears, Emery defends the selection of Webb -- who has largely been a disappointment in Chicago -- in an interview appearing in the Chicago Sun-Times:

I see a player that is obviously gifted genetically. He has all the prerequisite athletic tools and body size that you're looking for at that position. That prerequisite is very hard to find, so you want to be very patient with that person who possesses those tools because there are 32 staring left tackles. There are probably 20 or less - or half or less - that qualify as a consistent, good, NFL left tackle. A starter.

So you're going to be patient. That's what we're doing. We're being patient with J'Marcus, and we want to see him develop because of those tools, and what we're looking for is, we see him do it, and we want to see him do it with consistency.

Webb is currently in a battle with Chris Williams for a starting spot on the offensive line.

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