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Bears Vs. Redskins: Healthy Matt Forte Should Help Chicago's Running Game

The Bears should have a much more effective running game against the Redskins with Matt Forte returning to the field after recovering from an injured MCL. No doubt Chicago needs him, as the team is struggling to find consistency in its offensive line in an effort to protect a healthy Jay Cutler and an improved passing game with the offseason addition of WR Brandon Marshall.

Last week, the Bears averaged 1.7 yards per carry without Forte, which is certainly expected to change with his return. It's been a contentious year for the running back, who's been fighting for a new contract while nursing a serious injury. But all of that comes to a head against the Redskins on Saturday, when Forte gets to stare down linebacker London Fletcher and get a feel for the game again.

There's no telling how long it will take to work out the situation at offensive line, so it will be interesting to see how everything plays for the Bears. Last we heard, the OL wasn't exactly up to par.

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