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Mike Martz Says 'Heck Yeah' The Bears Are Super Bowl Contenders

Mike Martz spoke Friday to ESPN 1000 in Chicago about Jay Cutler and the 2012 Chicago Bears.

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After two seasons as the offensive coordinator of the Chicago Bears, Mike Martz called it quits and announced his retirement from coaching, becoming an analyst for Fox Sports shortly thereafter. On Friday, Martz joined ESPN 1000 in Chicago to discuss the 2012 Chicago Bears and he was very complimentary.

When asked if the Bears were Super Bowl contenders in 2012 he said it depends on the health of the team before saying, "If they can keep everybody healthy, heck yeah."

Martz also told ESPN radio that he expects good things from quarterback Jay Cutler in 2012:

"My feelings about Jay certainly have not changed. Obviously like I said, before he got injured, he was really playing at a high level. I was very pleased with him. I think he'll pick up where he left off. I think he'll have a terrific year."

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