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Brian Urlacher's Recent Knee Surgery Was His Third In 2012

Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher has had not one, not two, but three knee surgeries this year, according to, who confirmed it with NFL sources.

Urlacher hurt his knee vs. the Minnesota Vikings in the Bears' final game of the season on Jan. 1, and underwent a minor procedure shortly thereafter. Sometime during the spring, Urlacher had a second surgery done on the knee. Now, with Tuesday's procedure to attempt to reduce swelling and pain, that makes a triad of operations on the 34 year old star.

It has been a rough week off the field for Urlacher, who recently split up with Jenny McCarthy. Now, he and the Bears face on the field concerns. Both parties must worry about whether or not the knee will be strong enough to withstand the week-to-week grind that the NFL season presents.

In 13 seasons, the veteran linebacker has amassed nearly 1300 tackles and 41.5 sacks.

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