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Chicago Bears Are Most Popular Super Bowl Bet At One Vegas Sportsbook

The Chicago Bears are 'stacked' according to Brian Urlacher. Lance Briggs thinks this is possibly the best team he's ever played on. As training camp marches forward in Bourbonnais, one thing is for certain: the Bears are tasked with some very serious preseason expectations. The addition of a legitimate No. 1 wide receiver in Brandon Marshall is at the root of the optimism, as is the team's impressive performance last season before quarterback Jay Cutler went down for the year with a broken thumb. Now the Bears have to prove they're worthy of the substantial hype but not before it continues to grow to deafening levels.

O'Donnell: Chicago Bears Training Camp: Stray Observations From A Day In Bourbonnais

How about this: at the Cantor Gaming sportsbook, our beloved Bears are the most popular bet to win the Super Bowl. What a world.

The Bears boast 8/1 Super Bowl odds at Cantor, with the San Francisco 49ers (4/1), New England Patriots (6/1), Green Bay Packers (6/1) and Denver Broncos (7/1) being the only teams getting you less bang for your buck at the sportsbook.

The regular season over-under totals in Vegas are also suggesting Chicago could be a force. Grantland's Bill Barnwell points out today the Bears are pegged at nine wins at the Aria. A bet on the under is currently +130.