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Bears Training Camp 2012: Chicago WR Coach Thinks Devin Hester Was Misused

Chicago Bears wide receivers coach Darryl Drake believes that the team's old offensive schemes didn't properly use wide receiver Devin Hester, as Jeff Dickerson of ESPN Chicago writes. He thinks that Hester can significantly improve his numbers by playing in a system that fully takes advantage of his skills:

When you've got a great player, you've got to feed him. If Michael Jordan didn't touch the ball he'd have problems, you know because he would demand it. You've got to get him the ball, and you've got to feed him. And he's getting the ball, and he's feeling good about things right now.

Now, there certainly isn't a person in the world that would compare Hester greatness to that of Jordan, particularly as a wide receiver, but Drake presumably isn't the only one that believes he still has untapped potential. Last season, Hester caught just 26 balls, a solid drop from the 57 catches he made in 2009.

The Bears are expecting some significant, and positive, changes on offense this season. The team promoted Mike Tice to take over for Mike Martz as offensive coordinator, plus they've added new weapons on offense in Brandon Marshall, Michael Bush and Alshon Jeffery.

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