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Chicago Bears Quarterback Jay Cutler Says He's Never Been So Comfortable With Scheme And Teammates

Jay Cutler has seen a lot of overturn in offensive coordinators over the course of his NFL career, and after two years of working with Mike Martz, Cutler is starting over again with Mike Tice. Tice has been the Bears' offensive line coach the last two seasons, and now inherits play calling duties from Martz, the purported 'genius' who Cutler never saw eye-to-eye with.

Apparently Cutler is digging the change. As the Bears arrived in training camp on Tuesday, Cutler said he's never felt so comfortable before.

"This is the most comfortable I think I've been going into a camp with the offense and what we are doing scheme-wise and the talent around me," Cutler said on Tuesday." You can say this is the most comfortable I've been."

Cutler had this to say about Tice's coaching philosophy.

"That's a good question," Cutler said. I've seen Mike explode on guys, I've seen Mike pull guys to the side and talk to them quietly. I think Mike does a really good job of knowing what you need, what type of player you are, if you're a yell-at-them type of guy or a pull-them-aside guy. He can coach me however. I think we are all in it for the same reasons. He's excited about this offense and so am I. It's just going to be a matter of working together and (reaching) some common ground on stuff.

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