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Video: Jay Cutler Throws Passes To Brandon Marshall To The Delight Of Everyone

If and when this Matt Forte contract situation resolves itself, the Chicago Bears are going to start becoming a real treat. Expectations are high after a promising 2011 season was derailed by a broken thumb to star quarterback Jay Cutler. Now Cutler is back and his weapons have never been better: the Bears used a second round draft pick on South Carolina wideout Alshon Jeffrey and made a trade to bring Brandon Marshall to Chicago, the top target of Cutler's foregone Denver days.

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As if you needed an excuse to start getting excited about football already, check these highlights of Cutler throwing to Marshall on

It doesn't feel like a stretch to say Marshall is already the best receiver in franchise history before ever suiting up. And Cutler, man: after all those bozos we're watched throw the pigskin for the last 20+ years, I will never take the presence of No. 6 for granted.

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