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Devin Hester Refers To Mythical 'Hester Package' By Name

"I'm looking forward to it and Mike Tice is more excited than anybody in this organization about putting in this Hester package."


These are, of course, the words of Devin Hester, the Chicago Bears' special teams ace/wide-receiver-with-training-wheels for the last five seasons. The Bears transitioned Hester from cornerback to wide receiver after his rookie year in 2006, but the player has been, at best, unsteady as a pass catcher.

But this year! This year, you guys. This is the year Hester takes a leap forward. Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall each said it! Of course, the Bears say this every year, and Hester has yet to evolve into Az-Zahir Hakim, much less the Steve Smith-type Chicago has always hoped for.

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Still, there is no better time for optimism than the offseason, and Hester is a fun player to get excited about. He is my favorite Bear of all-time. He is a treasure and deserves to be cherished. Hearing Hester jacked up about the offense of new coordinator Mike Tice is pretty cool. Bears Fever, catch it! And stuff.

Anyways, read some more Hester quotes on the mythical beast that is the 'Hester Package', after the jump...

From ESPN Chicago:

"This offense, I really do truly think that Mike Tice and (quarterbacks coach) Jeremy Bates and those guys really want to put this in this year," Hester said Wednesday.

"Just getting the athlete the ball," Hester said. "Getting the guy who you know can do a lot of damage with the ball in his hands ... getting him the ball regularly.'

"I can go a season with 40 catches ... the way the offense is designed I only need about 40 to 50 catches and I can get close to 800 or 900 yards receiving. With this offense you might not have a lot of balls but you're going to have a lot of big plays."

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