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2012 Bears Offseason: Bears GM Thinks WR Brandon Marshall Fits Well In Chicago

Early in the 2012 NFL Offseason, the Chicago Bears acquired QB Jay Cutler's former Denver target, trading for WR Brandon Marshall. The former Miami Dolphins wide receiver came to the Bears with a history of off-field problems, but the Bears GM, Phil Emery, thinks Marshall can move on from his history:

"He's an intelligent guy, and he's accepted his faults, and he's working toward improving them," Emery said. "I thought about it a lot. Isn't that what we'd want out of our children? They might stumble, but when they do, they seriously try to improve their lives. We felt if there was a place Brandon would fit, it was here."

Shortly after being acquired, Marshall became embroiled in a nightclub controversy for which he has since been cleared of all charges.

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