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The 2012 Chicago Bears Could Field Tallest Receivers In Team History

Interesting nugget passed along by SI's Peter King in his Monday Morning Quarterback column: the 2012 Chicago Bears could have the tallest group of wide receivers and tight ends in team history.

Sure, everybody has Brandon Marshall (6-4½) on their minds, and Bears fans monitoring the draft are probably very excited to see what new rookie WR Alshon Jeffery (6-3) can bring to the table, but there are a few other guys in the mix as well.

Breakdown after the jump.

Here's King's assessment:

If the Bears line up in a five-receiver set, with two tight ends and three wide receivers, here's how they could threaten the opposition:

At wideout: The 6-4½ Brandon Marshall and 6-3 rookie Alshon Jeffery could line up split out, with 6-0 Earl Bennett or 5-11 Dane Sanzenbacher the third receiver; Sanzenbacher is more suited to play inside. This is dependent, too, on the recovery of 5-11 Johnny Knox from a severe late-2011 back injury.

At tight end: Returning are 6-7 Matt Spaeth and 6-6½ Kellen Davis, who could be used as sixth, or sixth and seventh linemen to buttress a shaky line. And fourth-round pick Evan Rodriguez, an athletic 6-2 tight end, could get some playing time if he proves his worth as a receiver too.

You've got to think a corps with this type of size would be a huge advantage -- especially in the red zone -- but a lot of its success depends on the play calling of Mike Tice. And the former NFL tight end should be able to relate to his men pretty easily. He's 6-7 himself.

Height, height, height.

King continues:

Conjures memories of the Chargers two years ago, when they could send three receivers 6-4 or taller downfield -- Vincent Jackson, Malcom Floyd and tight end Antonio Gates -- with the 6-2 Legedu Naanee in reserve.

And while maybe those Chargers underachieved, they were pretty kick ass through the air.

We should all be excited for this.

Bobby Loesch is a weekly contributor to SBN Chicago. He can be reached at bobbyloesch [at] Follow him on Twitter @bobbystompy.