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Brandon Marshall Will Likely Avoid Charges In Nightclub Incident Investigation

When the Chicago Bears acquired wide receiver Brandon Marshall from the Miami Dolphins in exchange for a pair of third round picks during the 2012 NFL offseason, they knew there was a cloud hanging over the talented receiver at the time. It appears that dark cloud will be lifted away very soon. Days before the trade, Marshall was reportedly involved in an altercation in March at a New York club where his wife was allegedly struck in the face by a bottle of liquor, but according to ESPN Chicago, New York police have failed to find evidence against the WR and it's likely the investigation will be closed without any charges being filed against Marshall.

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The Bears' prize acquisition has allowed the legal process to play out, but he did mention in a radio interview that he expects to be cleared of any wrongdoing He came off as very open and honest during his introductory press conference back in March and noted at the time that he did not expect to face a suspension from the NFL for the incident, and he sounded level-headed once again in his latest interview with "The Waddle & Silvy Show" on ESPN 1000, saying:

"When you go through things that I've been through it makes you a bigger target. Not only am I an NFL player, I'm an NFL player that has had trouble in the past. Whenever I step out the target on my back is pretty much bigger than 90 percent, 95 percent of the guys in the league because of who I am and what I've been through."

"The situation in New York, it's unfortunate. You never want to see anyone get hurt, but just the allegation of me balling my fist up and hitting a woman is just a lie. When the judicial system takes its course I'm very confident I will be cleared of any wrongdoing...My wife was the victim in this situation."

In the meantime, Jay Cutler is working on getting up to speed with Marshall in team OTAs.

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