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Chicago Bears Draft Results: Bears Get Defensive

The Chicago Bears looked at the 2012 NFL Draft as an opportunity to improve a team that was quite good before a plethora of injuries knocked them out of postseason contention. After adding both Michael Bush and Brandon Marshall during the offseason, the Bears turned their focus to improving the defense, as four of their six picks will play on that side of the football.

Round 1: Shea McClellin

Round 2: Alshon Jeffery

Round 3: Brandon Hardin

Round 4: Evan Rodriguez

Round 6: Isaiah Frey

Round 7: Greg McCoy

Jeffery is a very intriguing talent at the WR position and could form an impressive partnership with Marshall and Johnny Knox. With Bush and Matt Forte potentially forming a talented duo in the backfield, the Bears shouldn't lack for weapons around Jay Cutler. If McClellin can provide another pass-rushing threat off the edge, the Chicago defense should be really tough to contain as well.

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