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NFL Draft 2012: Bears Open To Making Trades, Impressed With WR, DL Depth

According Phil Emery, the general manager of the Chicago Bears, the team may look trade their first round pick in the 2012 draft, claiming there is a "sense of urgency":

Asked if he will be inclined to [trade the No. 19 pick], Emery said, "’We’ll do whatever it takes for us to get the best players that we feel can get us closest to the championship in the fastest way possible.

"There is a sense of urgency. We want to be as good as we can be -- this year and moving forward. Obviously we want to get players that have shelf life, that we’re going to see here five, seven, eight nine years down the road. But we also want to move and get to the layers that we feel can help us the most..."

Emery, along with the Bears coaching and scouting staff, have deemed the draft rich in potential targets that fit the team's perceived needs at wide receiver and defensive line:

"We looked at the draft and we do every year in our planning process," Emery said. "We come up with our own mocks... So in the conclusion, looking at that and versus the average numbers of players at their positions, historically I would say that this is a good draft for wideouts, I would say that this is a good draft for defensive ends and defensive tackles.

The NFL Draft begins this Thursday and goes until Saturday, April 28.

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