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Dave Duerson Had Only $19,500 In Assets Before His Death

By now, you know the story of Dave Duerson, a safety on the Super Bowl XX champion Chicago Bears who took his own life by firing a shotgun into his chest last year so his brain could be preserved for testing on the effects of head trauma caused by playing football. It's a sad and disturbing tale from any angle, and today, it gets even sadder.

Before his suicide, Duerson was in the midst of bankruptcy proceedings. The case was recently settle and today the Miami New Times ran a report showing the appraisal of Duerson's assets at the time of his death.The grand total was just $19,500. For a former man who played 11 seasons in the NFL and had numerous successful business ventures, the number is dishearteningly low.

From the Miami New Times:

At Duerson's death scene, according to documents filed by the bankruptcy trustee in court, police collected some of the valuables from his house. Those included his "Super Bowl rings, personal property, and other memorabilia."

Duerson's most valuable asset was a nine-year old Cadillac Escalade, which went for $6,000 at auction.


Duerson had greatly exaggerated his own prospects when filing for bankruptcy. Most prominently, he had claimed as an asset a $34.5 million court judgment related to his defunct sausage company. The judgment was unrecoverable.

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