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Brandon Marshall Press Conference: Bears WR Incredibly Open And Honest In Meeting With Media

The Chicago Bears acquired wide receiver Brandon Marshall from the Miami Dolphins in exchange for a pair of third round picks on Tuesday, and he formally introduced himself to the Chicago media on Friday morning along with free agent pickup quarterback Jason Campbell. Marshall sounded thoughtful, emotional and very appreciative for the opportunity to reunite with Jay Cutler, but he declined to comment on an altercation at a New York club where his wife was allegedly struck in the face by a bottle of liquor on the advice of his attorney, Harvey Steinberg.

He opened by thanking the McCaskey family for his current opportunity, saying "it's a very special moment for me, couldn't ask for a better situation...It's a dream. My family is very excited." From there he gave praise to the Dolphins organization and head coach Tony Sporano for contributing to his growth as a person and as a football player.

When Jay Cutler's name came up, Marshall said he and Cutler "have a bond on and off the field," can "communicate without even talking" and that "the chemistry we have on the field is amazing." The wide receiver kept everything in perspective, however, and mentioned that his No. 1 goal for this season is to be nominated for the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award, and that his calling is to use The Brandon Marshall Foundation to educate people and break the stigma about mental illness.

The entire process was an exercise in humility and thoughtful reflection for Marshall, as he gave his longest answer about mental health issues and his goal of helping repair communities and families through his charitable work. He added: "this is the perfect time to show everyone the progress I have made." Marshall does not believe he will face a suspension from the NFL for the recent off-season incident in New York. Furthermore, he thinks the Bears are ready to compete for a Super Bowl now: "This team is ready to win. I'm just walking into a great situation. This team is ready to win. I just have to play my role."

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