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The Top 10 Coolest Chicago Bears

With the Chicago Bears trading for noted cool dude Brandon Marshall, it got me thinking, are the 2012 Chicago Bears the coolest Chicago Bears team ever?

The answer is yes. Already. There are just way too many awesome dudes -- and the Bears haven't even drafted or finished free agency yet. So what do you do with this newly discovered information? You make a Top 10 Coolest Bears List, of course.

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Note: the rankings on this list were somewhat haphazardly put together, though I do stand by the Top 10 itself.

10. Johnny Knox

Fast, sleek, and if he makes it all the way back after last year's injury, that's downright heroic.

9. Charles Tillman

More of an O.G. than anything else.

8. Earl Bennett

Just seems like he'd be fantastic at fighting.

7. D.J. Moore

The team's fresh haircut captain.

6. Henry Melton

The team's MVT -- Most Valuable Tweeter.

5. Lance Briggs

I just really like him. Plus the lambo crash?

4. Jay Cutler

Most likely to dress best.

3. Brandon Marshall

Forget the Pro Bowl MVP, the 6-4 frame, the three Pro Bowls, and even the bipolar disorder, our new No. 1 WR put his hand through a television, got seriously hurt, then lied about it. He is SO COOL.

2. Devin Hester

If Jay-Z invented swag, Hester was surely also in the laboratory. This man is the antithesis of the '85 Bears, and that makes him a true hero. He was also photographed with this car.

1. Julius Peppers

Picture yourself in a 6 foot 7 inch, 287 pound frame with $300 dollar Dre Beats on blasting this song as you walk toward Soldier Field. You'd be ready to pull a building out of the ground and break it in half over your knee. He played basketball at UNC, burned the NFL to the ground, and single-handedly brought the Bears proud defense back to prominence. I don't just want him on my team; I want him in my family.

So yes, Julius Peppers is still the coolest Bear -- and it really isn't even close.

* * *

People not even in the same zip-code as this list: Robbie Gould, Brian Urlacher, Chris Williams

Bobby Loesch is the assistant editor of Tremendous Upside Potential and a contributor to SBN Chicago. He can be reached at bobbyloesch [at] Follow him on Twitter @bobbystompy.