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Bears looking for big contribution out of Devin Hester in return game

Eric Weems took over as kick returner while Hester was still healthy, but has struggled in the role.


After missing last week's game with a concussion, Devin Hester will be back in the lineup for the Bears for Sunday's Week 14 game against the Vikings. Whether he's back in his role as the kickoff returner, though, is still a question that hasn't been answered and Hester wasn't very forthcoming with the media on Friday, according to Jeff Dickerson of ESPN Chicago:

"You sound like a Minnesota scout, man," Hester responded when a reporter asked if he's returning kicks on Sunday. "I don't know. We'll see."

Prior to his injury, Hester was replaced as kick returner by Eric Weems, but the former Falcons Pro Bowler hasn't been particularly effective in the role. After six returns in the last two weeks, Weems has accumulated 130 yards for just a 21.7 yards per return.

Hester was averaging 25.5 yards per return through 18 returns before he was replaced by Weems as the kick returner. The three-time Pro Bowler was not replaced as punt returner, though. Hester was limited in practice on Wednesday and Thursday, but participated in full on Friday and is listed as probable.