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Chicago Bears cornerback D.J. Moore never lost confidence

Chicago Bears defensive back D.J. Moore has worked his way into the doghouse of head coach Lovie Smith, but he says he is still confident in his abilities.

Rick Stewart

Chicago Bears cornerback D.J. Moore got on Lovie Smith's bad side when he spoke out about Jay Cutler and then told the media about Smith reprimanding him for it, but Moore may play in Week 14 and he says he's ready to go.

Moore established himself as a playmaker in Chicago's defense during the early portion of the season, and he's probably the best blitzing defensive back on the roster, but that hasn't stopped Smith from putting Moore on the bench for the last four games.

Injuries have forced Lovie's hand for the upcoming game against the Vikings, however. Moore is expected to be activated for the contest to resume his role as nickel cornerback while Kelvin Hayden moves outside to fill in for Tim Jennings.

Moore spoke about the situation on Thursday with ESPN Chicago's Jeff Dickerson:

"The whole situation is kind of funny to me. I never took it as another guy is better than me, that's never the case. I just want to go out there and do what I can do.

"I just know I'm good enough to play so I look forward to showing that when I get on the field."

Moore was selected by the Bears in the fourth round of the 2009 NFL Draft. He has snatched two interceptions over nine games in 2012, and he has intercepted 10 passes in his four-year NFL career.