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Bears bring back Dom DeCicco

The Chicago Bears brought back linebacker Dom DeCicco on Wednesday.

Scott Boehm

The Chicago Bears re-signed linebacker Dom DeCicco to backup Nick Roach, who is playing at middle linebacker in relief for Brian Urlacher, who is injured. DeCicco suffered a bad groin injury in the preseason opener against the Denver Broncos this season and was waived on Aug. 29, two days before final roster cuts.

It was a freak injury, occurring without any contact from a Broncos player, and according to ESPN Chicago, DeCicco said he only just recovered from the injury about a month ago. Usually, groin injuries don't last that long.

DeCicco came to Chicago as an undrafted free agent in 2011, and finished second on the team with 17 special teams tackles. Many felt he was a lock to make the roster prior to his injury, and an ailing Urlacher has opened the door for his return.

It's unclear if he'll immediately pick up where he left off on special teams or simply serve as a backup, or even if he'll remain on the roster for long, but for now, he's back and plenty happy about it, as noted in the link.