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Barack Obama remains upbeat about Chicago sports

President Barack Obama still thinks the Chicago Bears can win it all this season.

Mark Wilson

When the President of the United States takes to Twitter to host a Q&A on middle class tax cuts, what would you ask him? Would you adhere to the topic at hand, or would you go elsewhere and hope to get a reply? One person thought to ask President Obama which Chicago team would win a title first, between the White Sox, Bulls or Bears, as noted by ESPN.

Obama responded with "da bears still gotta shot, despite sad loss this weekend! plus rose will return for playoffs!!! -bo." So at the very least, Obama hasn't given up on any of his teams.

When it comes to the Bears, it makes sense not to give up, as they still boast a winning record despite losing three of their last four games. They're at the top of their division, while the Bulls are contending for the top of their division.

The big issue with them is Derrick Rose, who is referenced in the Tweet. The team may not make it to the playoffs without him, but if they do, then they could certainly do some damage.