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NFL power rankings, Week 14: Bears nearing top 10 exit

The Chicago Bears are nearing the bottom of the top 10 in the Week 14 power rankings, after falling to the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday.


The Chicago Bears were riding a six-game winning streak, but have now lost three of their last four, falling to the Houston Texans, San Francisco 49ers and most recently, the Seattle Seahawks. Ranked in the top three by most major power rankings around the Internet at one point, the Bears now find themselves nearing a top 10 exit.

Joel Thorman of SB Nation posted his Week 14 power rankings, and he has the Bears at No. 9.

9. Chicago Bears (LW: 7, 8-4): The Bears choked down the stretch last year when Jay Cutler went down. This year, they've lost three of their last four. Just sayin'.

That ranking is down two spots from last week, while the Green Bay Packers moved into their former slot (they held No. 9 last week). The Pittsburgh Steelers are just below to round out the top 10, so the 8-4 Bears are possibly a loss away from getting bumped out.

Chicago does have some winnable games on the schedule coming up, with games against the Minnesota Vikings (6-6), Arizona Cardinals (4-8) and Detroit Lions (4-8). They also have a rematch with the Green Bay Packers, who they lost to in Week 2.