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Packers vs. Vikings score update: Packers coming back, could send Bears to the playoffs

After trailing most of the game, the Packers are mounting a comeback against the Minnesota Vikings.

Jim Prisching

Despite trailing for the majority of the game, the Green Bay Packers are mounting a comeback against the Minnesota Vikings and could send the Bears to the playoffs.

Minnesota jumped out to a 13-0 lead and has led by 10 for most of the game, but Green Bay has come all the way back to tie the game 27-27. After starting the game slow, including just 11 offensive yards in the first quarter, Aaron Rodgers and the Packers offense has come alive. Rodgers has completed 21 of 32 passes for 302 yards and three touchdowns. Green Bay outscored Minnesota 14-7 in the third quarter to cut into the lead. Greg Jennings has been a big part of the comeback as he's caught seven passes for 106 yards and two touchdowns.

While the Packers offense is starting to heat up, the Green Bay defense is still struggling to stop Adrian Peterson. Peterson is closing in on the NFL single-season rushing record as he has 147 rushing yards in the game. After tying the game, the Packers defense will have another opportunity to stop Peterson.