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NFL Playoff picture 2013: Bears need Vikings loss to reach postseason

The Bears did their part on Sunday, but the postseason may still be out of reach if the Vikings beat the Packers.

Gregory Shamus

The Chicago Bears can reach the postseason for the second time in the Jay Cutler era with a Minnesota Vikings loss on Sunday afternoon. The Vikings are facing the Green Bay Packers at home with the opportunity to clinch that final NFC postseason opening with a win.

After beating the Detroit Lions on Sunday afternoon, the Bears' record sits at 10-6 this season, a mark that's admittedly underwhelming after the team began the season 7-1. That kind of record is typically strong enough to get a team into the playoffs in most years, but the NFC features some especially strong squads this season.

The Vikings can't top Chicago's record even with a win over the Packers, but tiebreaker rules will push them ahead of the Bears in the event that both teams finish with the same record. At 9-6 this season, Minnesota's superior record against NFC North opponents would give it the wild card if it can improve to 10-6 with a Week 17 win.