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Bears vs. Lions score: Chicago leads, 20-10, at halftime

Needing a victory to keep their playoff aspirations alive, the Bears have busted out to a 20-10 lead over the Lions at halftime.


The Chicago Bears are well on their way to a much-needed victory Sunday afternoon, carrying a 20-10 lead over the Detroit Lions into halftime. Needing a win in order to keep their postseason hopes alive, the Bears have come through on both sides of the ball in a solid effort thus far.

While the Bears haven't been able to capitalize on every opportunity, including three trips into Lions territory that ended up yielding just three points overall, the offense has generally played better this week than it typically does early in games.

Despite some impressive playmakers like Brandon Marshall and Matt Forte, Chicago has often struggled to move the football in the first half before finding a groove this season. That hasn't been the case against Detroit, though, as the Bears have already accumulated 203 total yards.

Other than a late drive to end the first half that ended with a Matthew Stafford touchdown pass, the Bears' defense has also played well in the game. With three forced turnovers, the defense has put Jay Cutler and company in scoring position multiple times, though they didn't always take advantage entirely.