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Bears offensive line plays well vs. Seahawks

One of the usual culprits for any Chicago Bears loss of late, the offensive line, actually played rather well in the 24-17 loss to Seattle.


In recent years when the Chicago Bears have lost, blame has typically been pointed towards an embattled offensive line, but that wasn't the case after a 24-17 loss to the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. Head coach Lovie Smith was actually pretty pleased with how his offensive line performed during the game, Tracey Meyers of CSN Chicago writes.

Despite making numerous changes to the offensive line over the past few weeks due to ineffectiveness and injury, Chicago's offensive line performed admirably against the Seahawks on Sunday, particularly against the pass rush. Jay Cutler was sacked just once during the game, something Smith was happy to note afterwards.

"We didn’t give up a lot of sacks and things like that," Smith said. "We did what we needed to do to stay in the game. We just needed to get some help in other places."

After injuries to key starters like Lance Louis left the team scrambling recently, the Bears' lineman came through on Sunday to get the job done. While the defense fell through late in the game, the Bears have one thing to be slightly less worried about going into Sunday's game against Minnesota.