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Bears vs. Lions: Detroit loss could move draft slot up by 7 spots

The Chicago Bears will take on the Detroit Lions in Week 17, though it might be in the latter's best interest if they lose on Sunday.


The Chicago Bears still have a shot at making the NFL playoffs this season, and though they need some help to get there, it all starts with beating the Detroit Lions in Week 17. Fortunately for them, the Lions might be a little less-than motivated to walk away with a win.

As reported by ESPN Chicago: The Lions are slotted in at No. 5, but a loss, coupled with wins by the Oakland Raiders and/or the Philadelphia Eagles would have Detroit picking at No. 3. If they lose, they are guaranteed No. 5 at the very least.

If they win, however, they could be picking as low as No. 9 when the draft rolls around. That's a potential swing of seven draft spots, which could mean the difference between a can't-miss prospect and a player who isn't quite as safe a selection.

Detroit is no stranger to drafting near the top-end of the draft, and they've got some good players when doing so in Ndamukong Suh, Calvin Johnson and Matthew Stafford. Perhaps the possibility of getting more players like them can help the Bears into the playoffs.