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Bears vs. Lions odds: Chicago considered favorite for season finale

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The Bears absolutely need a victory to keep their playoff hopes alive, and the odds makers like their chances of doing so.

David Banks

Badly in need of a victory to keep their postseason aspirations alive, the Chicago Bears come in as 3-point favorites for Sunday's match-up against the struggling Detroit Lions. While the Bears haven't played great football of late, either, the Lions have completely collapsed after an uneven start to the season.

The Bears' struggles in the second half of this season have been well-documented, but they pale in comparison to the issues plaguing the Lions. Since beating the Seattle Seahawks and Minnesota Vikings in consecutive games to boost their record to 4-4, Detroit has lost seven straight games to close out the season.

The Lions are still a dangerous team given the prolific passing duo of Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson, but the Bears should have the clear advantage, particularly with so much to play for. Armed with the sixth-best passing defense in the league, stopping Detroit's league-best passing attack will be integral to victory.