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Brandon Marshall continues to preach accountability for Chicago Bears

Bears WR Brandon Marshall didn't back off his accountability statements regarding the Bears offense, saying everyone needs to do a better job.

Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears lost a tough game to the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, 21-13. After the game, wide receiver Brandon Marshall said that "[E]verybody in this offense should be held accountable, even if that means jobs." Marshall didn't back away from those comments on Wednesday, when he spoke with the media after practice:

"We can't keep making the same mistakes," Marshall said. "Not everyone's going to be perfect. Even in that game I made some bone-headed mistakes. It's just making the same mistakes over and over -- we can't do that. I think people are responding in a positive way. You hear the word accountability being thrown around, you see guys starting to look at themselves, and that's what it's about, especially this time of the season when you're sitting where we're sitting."

Some think that Marshall's statement was meant not just for players, but for coaches as well. Offensive coordinator Mike Tice said that he understands the frustration, and thinks they all need to do a better job:

"I didn't hear it. It's kind of filtered back (to me)," Tice said Wednesday. "We're all emotional. It's hard when you lose; not a game, it's hard when you have a string like this. Frustrations mount, and we're all accountable. It starts with me. I'm wearing the hat."

The loss dropped the Bears two games behind the Packers in the NFC North, and pushed them behind the Minnesota Vikings for the last NFC wildcard berth. Chicago has two winnable games to finish the season against the Cardinals and the Lions, but both games come on the road.

The Bears and Cardinals kick off on Sunday at 3:25 p.m. CT.