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Packers vs. Bears: Julius Peppers thought roughing call on Aaron Rodgers was a clean hit

The Bears defensive end disagreed with a penalty late in Sunday's loss.

Jonathan Daniel

Late in the fourth quarter of Sunday's loss to the Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears defensive end Julius Peppers was called for a late hit, roughing-the-passer penalty on Aaron Rodgers. The penalty allowed the Packers offense to extend a drive as it attempted to kill the clock, and Peppers thought the referee missed the call.

"I haven't seen it yet (on replay), but during the game I thought it was a clean hit," Peppers said. "I thought it was a legal hit. Like I told (Rodgers), I play the game the right way. I never go to anybody's head or hit anybody late intentionally. But I guess it depends on who you hit."

(via Chicago Tribune)

The Bears were able to force the Packers to punt later in the drive, but the penalty did hurt Chicago. It wasn't nearly the biggest mistake made by the Bears in the loss, but it helped punctuate another disappointing week for a team gradually slipping out of the playoff race.

Peppers, though, did have a stellar game. He tallied 1.5 sacks and five tackles on the day, That brings his totals on the season in each category to 8.5 and 34, respectively. That said, in Chicago's slide -- in which the team has dropped five of six games -- Peppers has totaled just 3.5 sacks, with one against Houston and one against Seattle combining with his total from Sunday.