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Chicago Bears RB Matt Forte struggles on goal-line situations

Forte got the call on the goal line with Michael Bush out but could not convert.


In the Chicago Bears' 21-13 loss to the Green Bay Packers, running back Matt Forte received three goal-line carries with normal short yardage back Michael Bush out with injury. Those three carries produced four yards but no touchdowns in a game where Chicago's offense struggled to score. After the game, Forte talked about those touches.

"On the goal line, it's basically the offensive line has to get movement and I look for a hole and try to hit it," Forte said. "Everybody is not going to be blocked; there are going to be unblocked players. My deal is I have to slam it up in there and that's what I was doing. You got to give them credit also for playing tough defense on the goal line.

(via ESPN Chicago)

Chicago's inability to score was a team-wide affliction on Sunday, and it was exacerbated by their play inside the five-yard line. On one trip up to the goal line, the Bears were forced to settle for a field goal after two consecutive fourth-down penalties pushed them back to the 16-yard line, which proved to be fatal in what was an eight-point loss.

The Bears will regroup after their fifth loss in six games with their playoff hopes very much alive. The Bears will travel to face the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday -- the Cardinals defeated the Detroit Lions this past Sunday, but still have one of the worst records in the NFL.