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Green Bay Packers clinch NFC North title with win over Bears

Once in a position to take the title themselves, the Bears handed the NFC North to the Packers with their 21-13 loss on Sunday.

Rob Grabowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Green Bay Packers clinched the NFC North division title Sunday afternoon by defeating the Chicago Bears, 21-13, at Soldier Field. It's the Packers' second straight division title and fourth straight appearance in the postseason after finishing 15-1 last season.

At 10-4 overall this year, the Packers haven't quite dominated the regular season like they did last year but have done more than enough to earn a postseason bid. With the Bears faltering, Vikings battling inconsistency and the Lions just generally disappointing everyone, the door was wide open for Green Bay to take the division.

It's probably hard to believe for many Bears fans that the team is now in this position after beginning the season 7-1, but five losses in six games have opened the possibility that Chicago doesn't even reach the playoffs.

After last season's miserable collapse, it appears that something similar is coming together in Chicago this year.