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Charles Woodson injury: Packers star wants to face Bears

Charles Woodson wants to play against the Chicago Bears on Sunday, but the Green Bay Packers have said he'll be inactive.


The Chicago Bears may be unhappy that Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews is likely to return from injury for their game on Sunday, but one rival player that has been a thorn in their side for sometime will still be on the sidelines. ESPN reports that safety Charles Woodson will miss the game as something of a precautionary measure.

Woodson has missed the past six games due to a broken collarbone, but he had targeted Sunday's game against Chicago as his return. Coach Mike McCarthy said that the team's medical staff believed it would be better for Woodson to sit.

The eight-time Pro Bowler believes he is ready to play, and is frustrated about not being able to play, but he was inactive for Wednesday's practice and it's unclear how much he'll see on Thursday and Friday. It's likely that the team wants to take it slow with Woodson so as not to risk re-injury, given that they're in the middle of a playoff run and Woodson is 36 years old.