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Chicago Bears injuries: Team eschews full practice Wednesday

The Chicago Bears eschewed a full practice on Wednesday due to a long injury list.

Jonathan Daniel

The Chicago Bears are set for a full practice on Thursday, after a much more limited workout on Wednesday. According to Jeff Dickerson of ESPN Chicago, the Bears didn't conduct a full practice on Wednesday due to a long injury report, but plan to get back to it on Thursday.

Bears coach Lovie Smith said that the team would have conducted a full practice on Wednesday were it not for the injuries. He went on to say that he didn't feel like the lack of Wednesday practice would be an issue at all, citing the fact that teams don't get a lot of padded practice in at this point in the season to rest the players.

Smith also cited the familiarity with the Packers as one reason why missing out on a full practice wouldn't exceptionally hurt the team. They're division rivals, and they've already played once this season. That game was a Chicago loss however, so extra time might have been beneficial.