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Bears vs. Packers: Mike Tice hoping Chicago offense can stay relaxed

Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Mike Tice says that the team needs to relax and focus on beating the Green Bay Packers.


Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Mike Tice has a simple solution to the team's inconsistencies on offense; just relax. According to ESPN Chicago, Tice said that the team needs to relax and have "more fun." He said "When you don't have fun, you put added burden and added stress on yourself."

On Sunday, there's an awful lot on the line. The Green Bay Packers could clinch the NFC North division with a win over Chicago, and given that Green Bay isn't necessarily known for a stout defense, the Bears offense will be expected to put points up on the board.

If Tice is to believed, a calm unit will perform the best on Sunday. Tice did go on to say that winning is the best road to actually having fun, that it cures all of those little problems related to potential unrest. Tice said that concentrating on beating Green Bay is the primary goal right now: beating them, and getting smiles back on everyone's face. Given how that rivalry has been over the years, that would definitely be the result if Chicago were to win on Sunday.