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Jay Cutler, Bears aren't yet concerned with contract extension

Jay Cutler's contract with the Chicago Bears expires after the 2013 season, but neither he nor the team are worried about signing an extension in the immediate future.

Jonathan Daniel

After this season, Jay Cutler will only have one year left on his $50 million contract signed in 2009, but both he and the Chicago Bears are still far from thinking about an extension for the 29-year-old quarterback.

It's too early to say whether the Bears will choose to bring back or abandon Cutler. For starters, their offensive line has left him vulnerable to sacks throughout his Bears career, and Cutler has never been great at avoiding them. As such, he's been a bit injury-prone, and injury-prone quarterbacks aren't great financial investments. More importantly, Cutler is going to be 30 and has a proven track record as an above-average NFL quarterback. Jim Miller of CSN Chicago writes that if he stays healthy, Cutler will get paid — possibly more than the Bears will be willing to pay.

Cutler is a talented player that Chicago would probably like to keep around if they could. But there's more pressing issues on the table and over a year until the signal caller's contract expires. They'll likely opt to wait, and so will Cutler.