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Bears QB Jay Cutler buys gifts for his offensive linemen

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler has the respect of his offensive linemen, and also buys them things.

Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler knows when to yell and when to kid around with his offensive linemen, winning their respect with his command of the huddle in the process, according to an article from on Thursday. Also, Cutler buys his linemen many, many gifts.

"I got them everything from suits to watches, first-class airline tickets, I take care of them," Cutler said in the report. "The group I have right now, they're working hard, it's a good group. Each and every day they're trying to get better."

During a point in which the Bears were struggling offensively last week in the midst of the team's 51-20 victory over the Tennessee Titans, center Roberto Garza, according to the article, asked Cutler to yell at the group of lineman, saying that they "play better that way."

Garza, who talked with the media after the team's practice Thursday, spoke for the offensive line, saying the unit respects Cutler, his leadership abilities and his honesty.