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Jay Cutler doesn't plan on having children during football season

The Bears quarterback hopes to not have to make the 'tough' decision that Charles Tillman could have to make on Sunday.

John Gress

Three months after his fiance, Kristen Cavallari, gave birth to his first child, Jay Cutler says that he hopes to avoid having to make a choice between playing football or witnessing the birth of another child. The Bears quarterback told ESPN's "Mike & Mike In The Morning" on ESPN Radio that the decision being made by Charles Tillman is a tough one:

"It's tough. Me and Kristin after this last one said no more babies during football," Cutler said Friday on "Mike & Mike In The Morning" on ESPN Radio. "Hopefully we will avoid that at all costs. But before we had our child I would probably say hey, I'd miss it, I'd be there at the game.

"(After having his first child) I think it's tough to miss, anyone that has a kid, to miss your child being born. It's a special time. It would be tough. Hopefully it would be a home game and I would be able to do both. If it was away, I don't know. I'd try to pull all the strings I could to be there for the birth and for the game."

Tillman originally said that there was a possibility he could miss Sunday night's game against the Houston Texans if his wife was in labor that day, but has since said that the child will not be delivered until Monday so he will play. Cutler's son was born on Aug. 8, one day before a preseason game that he did participate in.

Cutler has completed 144 of 241 passes during the 2012 season for 1,774 yards with 12 touchdowns and eight interceptions. Tillman has recorded two interceptions, each returned for touchdowns, and has forced seven fumbles.