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Bears ready for Arian Foster

The Bears talked about the Texans' dangerous rushing attack.

Bob Levey

As the Chicago Bears prepare to face the Houston Texans ground game, led by running back Arian Foster, they spoke about Houston's unique zone blocking scheme and the challenges of stopping it.

In a report by Jeff Dickerson of on Thursday, Bears defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli spoke about the scheme that has helped Foster become the league's fifth-leading rusher this season:

"It's really a heck of a scheme, it really is. Those guys, they execute and they come off the ball up front as well as any offense you will see in the league. They do a fabulous job with the boots and the play action off of it. So it's tough, and we have to be on top of our keys and can't guess. We have to play fast and tackle well."

Foster has 770 rushing yards and 10 touchdowns, as the Bears will try to keep pace with what has been the league's sixth-best rushing defense (Chicago is allowing 88.0 yards per game). Additionally, according to the article, the Bears have only allowed four runs gaining 20 or more yards.

This season, Foster has 18 carries of 10 or more yards for a total of 305 yards on such rushes.

"He's a smart back, patient," Bears linebacker Lance Briggs said in the report. "He understands their running game, their running style. It fits him well. He knows when to make the right cuts."