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Texans vs. Bears: Devin Hester still looking for a TD return in 2012

Chicago Bears return specialist Devin Hester just missed on a punt return for a touchdown in Week 9 against the Tennessee Titans, but Dave Toub thinks Hester should have made it to the end zone.

Frederick Breedon

Devin Hester might be the best return man in the history of the NFL, but the Chicago Bears' wide receiver has yet to make his mark as a specialist in 2012. Hester's career has been dotted by highlight plays in the return game, but this season the angles haven't been as sharp, the burst hasn't been as quick and at one point special teams coach Dave Toub even sent Hester to the bench because of poor decision-making on punt returns.

The tide started to turn last week against the Tennessee Titans, as Hester ripped off a 44-yard return and came up just yards short of the end zone, but Toub reviewed the tape and now he thinks that play should have put points on the scoreboard. Here is what Toub told ESPN Chicago about the play where Hester was pulled down at the eight-yard-line:

"It was a nice return, It was nice to see him plant a foot and burst and split the two cover guys like he did, and we've seen him do so many times before. It was good to see that. We just have to get him in the end zone.

"We talked about celebrating too early. We had Geno (Hayes) had his arm up in the air before he was in the end zone. Next time we're going to get him in the end zone, and they'll be a lot of time to celebrate after that."

Hester owns a record 12 punt returns for touchdowns and he has produced another five TDs on kickoffs over the course of his NFL career. In 2012, he has returned 19 punts for 171 yards and 11 kicks for 295 yards.