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Texans vs. Bears: Arian Foster knows he needs to take care of the football

Houston Texans Running back Arian Foster knows that ball security is a key against the Chicago Bears defense.

Thomas Campbell-US PRESSWIRE

Houston Texans running back Arian Foster knows he must be concerned about ball security when the Texans face the Chicago Bears on Sunday, Nov. 11. Foster has not fumbled the ball yet this season, but he knows Charles Tillman and the Chicago defense force more fumbles than anyone else.

The Bears have forced 15 fumbles this season and Tillman has forced seven of them, including four last week against the Tennessee Titans. Foster said he has to be very careful with the football against Tillman and the Bears, commenting that Tillman has always been among the best at jarring the ball loose. But Foster also added, "you always have to be cognizant of ball security because on this level you got ball hawks all over the defensive side of the ball."

The Texans have done well to protect the ball this season with a league-low six turnovers (five interceptions and one lost fumble). Their plus-eight turnover differential ranks sixth in the NFL, a category the Bears lead at plus-13.