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Chicago Bears still waiting for offense to find footing

The Chicago Bears will need to improve on offense if they are going to win the Super Bowl this season.

Jonathan Daniel

The Chicago Bears have the best scoring defense in the NFL but will need to improve on offense if they are to win the Super Bowl this season, according to Mike Mulligan of the Chicago Tribune.

The Bears are averaging 195.9 yards per game passing which ranks 29th in the league and 128.5 yards per game rushing which ranks 11th and are sixth in scoring at 29.5 points per game after a 51-20 win over the Tennessee Titans last Sunday. However, the scoring average might be misleading as the defense has scored seven touchdowns in eight games this season.

Mulligan questions whether the Bears can win the Super Bowl if the defense doesn't score and advocates for Jay Cutler "to be a crucial part of it and not just some guy getting sacked along the way."

The Bears will play a potential Super Bowl contender in the Houston Texans this week followed by a game versus the San Francisco 49ers in Week 11. Both games will help determine Chicago's standing in the hierarchy of contenders this season.