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Barack Obama says Chicago Bears can win Super Bowl during ESPN interview

The 7-1 Chicago Bears received a vote of confidence from President Barack Obama when ESPN's Chris Berman asked him whether the Bears could win the Super Bowl.

On the day before the election, ESPN's Chris Berman conducted interviews with President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney during halftime of the Monday Night Football game.

Given Obama's Chicago background, Berman naturally asked the President whether the 7-1 Chicago Bears were good enough to win the Super Bowl. Obama answered with a resounding yes.

Obama went on to say that the Bears have the best defense in the NFL, which is a point that can certainly be argued. The Bears are second in the NFL in points allowed per game and sixth in yards allowed per game. But the Bears' real calling card is forcing turnovers, of which they have forced an NFL-best 28 so far this season. Even crazier, the Bears' defense has scored seven touchdowns on interception returns.

Obama singled out one player specifically on the Bears' defense, calling cornerback Charles Tillman a Defensive Player of the Year candidate. Tillman forced a whopping four fumbles in the Bears' big win over the Tennessee Titans this past Sunday, and has forced seven fumbles on the season. "Peanut" also has two interceptions, both which were returned for touchdowns.